Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This message is from Kaye

Hello to all. This message is from Kaye, Frank's wife. I am sorry to inform you that Frank passed away last night.

I didn't know Frank had created a website, but his computer was open to this page when he was found. I was so happy to see that he had people who cared about him to talk with, as I thought he had simply shut everyone out of his life. Thanks to you all for being his friends in his final days. He needed friends. I am sure he appreciated your company and your concern, even if he did not express that appreciation.

Please do not take to heart any hurtful thing Frank may have written when he was angry. I am sure he didn't mean it. He was confused, and Frank tended to lash out when he was confused.

Also, I can assure you there is no Cassie, Bree or other person who was actually in Frank's life at the end. Unfortunately, Frank saw and heard many people who were not there, and he couldn't tell the difference between those hallucinations and people in the real world. The police and the manager at the motel have said that there was no evidence of a person in crisis who Frank was actually helping. It is common for people with Frank's condition to invent dramatic situations.

Please remember Frank as a wonderful human being who had a great connection with nature and a very philosophical mind. He also had a delightful sense of humor. During our happy years, he made me laugh more than anyone ever has. Frank's life was short, but he did a lot to brighten the lives of those around him.

Per Frank's wishes, there will be no memorial service or grave marker. I will be spreading Frank's ashes througout the East Fork trail in the San Gabriel Mountains, so he will always be there.